We present ‘VASUMA REALM – a photography exhibition by Polish fashion photographer Jacek Szopik, from Stockholm, Sweden – hometown of VASUMA Eyewear.

Six strong images from the photography exhibition will be shown at the CULT VISION Curated Eyewear store in Clerkenwell. The CULT VISION crew are not only eyewear enthusiasts, they are particularly fond of photography and film too. To us, this installation is a great way to illustrate how eyewear brands can use creative and alternative ways such as photography to get their true brand identity across.

In photography Jacek Szopik values, above all, emotions and simplicity. He uses wet plate technique for both his personal and commercial projects. The idea behind the campaigns is to approach Frederick Scott Archer’s old technique from 1851, the wet collodion plate. Just as VASUMA is inspired by the first Japanese craft of eyewear, Jacek returned to the early roots of photography to preserve light paintings forever in the eyewear industry.